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Character Animator and VFX Artist with extensive background of 15+ years working at different studios around the world.

Able to bring characters to life with believable acting and body mechanics. Focused on the director's vision and able to take shots from layout to completion effectively.

VFX TD: Creating Fire, Smoke, Liquids, Cloth, Hair/Fur, Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics, Destruction/Fracture, Particle Effects, Crowd Simulations, etc.

Rigging: Able to build custom rigs for Characters, Animals, Vehicles, Cameras, Scripted tools for specific scenes/uses, etc.

Generalist: Modelling, UV Mapping, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Rendering.

Lots of experience in high-end Advertising Production, but also experienced in Games, TV Series, Feature Film and VR Content.

Experience coordinating projects and leading a team of artists as Lead Animator.

Proficient in 3DS Max, Maya, V-Ray, After Effects, Real Flow, TyFlow, Fume FX, PFlow and many others. Able to learn new software very quickly.

Familiar with macOS, Linux, Windows and other OS's. Great knowledge of Hardware, Software and technology in general.

Great team player having worked with small and big teams around the world.

Experience teaching Character Animation in Maya and as an Adobe CS trainer.


Character Animation

Character Rigging

FX TD: Fluids, Particles, Fracture, etc

Lighting and Rendering

HDRI Creation, Matchmoving and Tracking

Cameras and Cinematography

Audio Engineering


Music Production



Animator and 3D Artist

Cream Studios; Sydney, Australia - 2016-present


VFX Artist and Animator creating animated versions of print pieces and using vfx tools like tyFlow, Real Flow, Particle Flow, Fume FX, Hair Farm and others to assist in print and motion productions. Responsible for Character Rigging, Character Animation, Simulation/Dynamics, Shading, Lighting, Rendering and After Effects Compositing.

Animator, Rigger and VFX Artist

Clan vfx; São Paulo, Brazil - 2012-2015


Character Animator and Rigger using mainly 3DS Max, doing from realistic animals to cartoon characters. Also VFX artist responsible for shooting supervision, creation and manipulation of HDRI for lighting/rendering, camera and object tracking using PFTrack, fluid/particle simulation using Real Flow and Particle Flow, etc.



Remote Animator

​Undead Labs; Seattle, USA - 2012-present


​Animated hero and zombie characters for the Xbox game "State of Decay” using Maya. Responsible for creating loops and actions from scratch as well as fixing and completing movement on motion capture animated characters. Animated fantasy creatures for the Mobile/PC game Moonrise.



Lead Animator and Coordinator

​Ool Digital; Guadalajara, Mexico - 2010-2011


Project coordinator creating and following schedules for productions with very tight deadlines, improving the efficiency of the CG team. Lead Animator, doing character and effects animation in Maya, 3DS Max, Real Flow and Blender.


Senior CG Artist

​Tribbo Post; São Paulo, Brazil - 2007-2010


3DS Max specialist. Main focus: Animation, Lighting, Shading/Render and Effects (particles, scripts, simulations). Duties also include: Shooting Supervision, Technical Photography (HDRI and Textures), Project Coordination and Consulting.


Freelance CG Illustrator

Verve Comunicação; Fortaleza, Brazil - 2004-2007


Creation of photorealistic CG illustration for printouts. Works include outdoor billboards and signage for brands such as Coca-Cola, Beach Park and Gafisa among others. CG consulter, training the company’s artists in 3DS Max and solving problems using CG to enhance advertising possibilities.


Portuguese (Native)

English (Fluent)

Spanish (Proficient)


Animation Mentor
​2010 - 2012


Certificate of Advanced Studies in Character Animation. Mentors: Richard Fournier, Nick Bruno, Drew Adams, Dimos Vrysellas, T. Dan Hofstedt and Dana Boadway.

Universidade de Fortaleza
2003 - 2007

4 year Bachelor Degree in Communication with specialization in Advertising.

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